Days 35 -36 Redwoods

June 5-6, Until we drove US 101 in northern California we had no idea if Earl and Ethel visited the Redwoods?  There were no pictures of these tallest trees in the world in their album. Historical and current maps show US 101 going through the Humboldt Redwoods State Park but not how close one actually got to these trees.  After driving 101 we know now that Earl and Ethel would have been completely surrounded by these giants!  Approaching the Humboldt State Park today drivers have an option to take the slower 31-mile-long scenic “Avenue of the Giants” route or stay on the standard through-road US 101.  It turns out today’s Avenue of the Giants was US 101 in 1937!  Mile after mile brought more and more tall trees and neck-straining delight.  The route’s many pullovers invited drivers to get out and enjoy.  We know because we did.  We are certain Earl and Ethel would have too!

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