Day 20 Grand Canyon-North Rim

Monday May 21 Day 20 – Grand Canyon is so appropriately named because it is, well, grand in so many ways.  Nothing we’ve seen touches it in overall size, beauty, vistas, colors, ruggedness, history, sunrises, sunsets, night-skies, etc.  Earl and Ethel took five photos of the North Rim.  We set out to duplicate two, Angel’s Window at Cape Royal and Ethel at Bright Angel Point.

Angels Window at Cape Royal

Carl at Angels Window

Ethel at Bright Angel Point again

Grand Canyon lodging reservations are usually made a year in advance.  We had the good fortune two weeks before our visit of calling the lodging office and hearing that a cancellation had occurred. We did our happy dance!  A day later we put in for dinner reservations at the lodge’s famed dining room overlooking the canyons.  We got in there as well!  We made plans for our 35th wedding anniversary meal there and invited Earl and Ethel to the table using their pictures.  Happy dance number two!  (We had breakfast there too!)

The entire N. Rim Lodge was destroyed in a fire in 1932. Completion of its rebuilding only occurred one month before Earl and Ethel arrived in 1937.

The lodge’s famed dining room overlooking the canyons.  Find Carl with breakfast coffee. Hint: red flannel shirt.

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