Their 1937 Chevy arrived intact!Memories were preserved!Their love inspired others.Their granddaughter Krista and Rex on their 2016 wedding day.

Their grandson Erin and Val in Sequoia National Park six months after their 2016 wedding.

Thank-you for your interest in this labor of love about a story based on love.

Carl and Lynn Rasmussen

married May 14, 1983

One thought on “Return

  1. Roehl Carl

    WOW! What a project–the pix, articles/blogs are amazing!

    Just got into it after UWSP “Memoirs” today and need to study it further to truly appreciate your trip and work sharing it.

    Brings oodles of memories for me–my 1938 Packard, Yellowstone, Route66, Yosemite, etc.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring…please DO write and publish the book!
    Carl Roehl

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