Ready to Roll!


We are down to our last day and last hours before hitting the road. Our test run for packing the SUV ten days ago helped a lot!  Notice, NO SNOW!









8 thoughts on “Ready to Roll!

    1. Carl Post author

      Yes, and you can continue to give portions of the route a look as you have or, take on the whole thing in someday. There are a lot of national treasures packed in just in their own right.

      1. sue maedke

        I’m sure your presentation went well. Having some rainy weather here. Hope there’s lots of great weather ahead for you.

        1. Carl Post author

          Our weather on Friday was great. Iowa and Nebraska had heavy rains on Mon thru Wed and there was a lot of water in the fields. We are ready to post the blog for day one shortly which includes the presentation. Carl and Lynn

  1. Marv Van Kekerix

    Does that mean you are on your way across Iowa on 20 today? That is very familiar territory for us, my mother lived in Storm Lake, Iowa for a number of years, Becci attended Morningside College in Sioux City, my home town Rock Rapids is about 60 miles straight north of there. If you have time, you might check out the Floyd Monument in Sioux City, I believe it is visible from where 20 crosses the Missouri. Floyd was the only member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition who died during their trip, of natural causes. Have fun and keep us posted.


    1. Carl Post author

      Yes, not only are we across Iowa but now at the Historic Golden Hotel in O’Neill, NE. “The jewel of the plains in O’Neill since 1913.” Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We then had a wonderful meal that the new Holt County Grill.

      We were racing sunset and did not have time to stop to stop in Sioux City. Next time though! Watch for our fun discovery in Royal NE.

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